Why you should never use Elasticemail and Build Your Own


You can not build your business on someones else’s! Elastice functionality of the Services (including the addition, modification, or removal of functionality, features, or content).

If you build your business depending of their services then most likely at any time they have the right to remove of that functionality or features without notification or any guaranteed!

They only allow you to use their services for transactional messages.! Without liability they can suspend or cancel your account. That means even if you are sending emails to your subscribers who agreed to receive your newsletter or promotional materials, still if they think or decided it is not then it’s not according to them you do not have the right even if they are wrong on judgment of your use.


You do not have any privacy of any kind Elastice can sell and buy your information!!
According to their terms and privacy it’s mentioned that they can sell you to other businesses or a third party.

The best salutation to avoid your business from shouting down:

Use your own SMTP short for (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) build your authority on your own domain name and IP’s which allow you to deliver your email via your server instead of using others server.

Build your own platform.You don’t have to build it from scratch even though you still can do that but it’s costly and if you don’t have the budget then use an open source platform, build on it or use the right as is on your own server or cloud.

Analyze All of the Platforms You Use,think about your website and the different platforms and services you use. Consider your hosting, your advertising, your traffic sources, your credit card processing, your suppliers, everything. What happens if each company disappears tomorrow? What happens if your host shuts down?

Identify the High-Risk Points. If the removal of a company or service would be devastating and there is a one owner decision maker who can cause it to go away, it is a high-risk platform that can threat to your business and presence at any time.

Lower your risk. With the recognizing of your weak points, try to find ways to soften them, ideally by lining up acceptable alternatives.

You are only limited to your own imagination, The sky’s the limit.


  • Hi,
    Thank you very much for your feedback on Elastic Email. Every feedback is very important, as it helps us improve. Especially when someone does not sugarcoat the problems. We are very sorry if you’re not finding our service useful.

    We would like to answer to few topics that were mentioned in the article:
    – Can you be more specific about features that were removed recently? If you mean our anti-spam policy, it didn’t really change for a while.
    – Elastic Email has never used information that belongs to our customers. Never did and never will. This part is simply not true and we will not accept anyone accusing us of such a thing.
    – If you would like to share your opinion with us or give us some suggestions, the fastest way to get in touch is to send us a message through support and picking “suggestions” from categories.

  • Wael Kaheel

    Reply Reply April 17, 2018

    Hi Martin,

    I have replied you back from your comments on Twitter already.

    Please read my article again i was talking in general and i choose Elastic Email as an example based on your terms on your website and my personal experience. If you noticed the subject is about my advice to not build a business completely depending on others platform.

    Thanks for stopping by …


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