Essential Information About Marketing on Facebook

using facebook for businessMarketing on Facebook used to be so easy. All you need to do is create Facebook business page and find people to like your fan or business page. When they liked your page, your posts would show up in their newsfeed. Anything they do, whether they like or comment on your page, their friends see the action. As a result, you get free publicity and this is why marketers loved Facebook.

Changes in algorithm by Facebook have now made marketing on the number one social media website a bit difficult. When before all fans and their networks sees the page posts now only a few fans can see them. Facebook justification that the change is necessary for the benefit of many maybe right but wedding out content considered non-engaging has also affected small businesses. Well, at least they offer a solution in which you can still reach all your fans and other users if you pay to promote your posts.

The organic reach of nonpaid content will continue to drop if all the predictions are true about Facebook. So, what does this mean to small business who doesn’t want to pay for an ad? You can still promote your business just don’t expect a huge return on your effort because the only way to really get more reach on Facebook is to open your wallet.

Now that it’s becoming obvious that Facebook is no longer tolerating free distribution of content do you still want to promote your business through this site? My answer is yes, you should not abandon the site even if you are pissed off. It is a bad idea to do more so when you have a great community already. You just need to create a new approach to staying visible on Facebook.

Marketing on Facebook

Here are some of the points you need to keep in mind about marketing on facebook to stay on top of the game.

Create Ads and Monitor Your Campaign

If you decided to play the Facebook game and pay for promoting your post or business, you need to set a budget. Once you have created your ad, monitor your result closely to ensure your Facebook marketing campaign is working. If not, you create another approach to achieve your goals.

Figure Out The Best Time to Post

The changes Facebook implemented require a more methodical approach to posting. Gone are the days of careless posting, because they won’t work anymore. You need to have a strategy for posting to capture’s the user’s attention and improve your engagement. For example, you need to figure out the best way time to post, determine the time your target audience are most active. When you figure out already the best time to post, you have an option – pay to promote or not.

Interact with Fans

Interactions are now important in Facebook page. If before you are not responding to inquiries, these days it is crucial to respond to comments of your fans. You can get more organic reach when you constantly interact.

Use Your Personal Account

Using your personal account to promote your business page is also a good way to get more organic reach. When you do it right, you can share your posts to your intended audience and their networks.

Facebook will continue to show in search results pages so having a Facebook presence is still necessary. With billions of people using the site, it is to your advantage to have a business or fan page. Take note, even people who are not your fans can see your post when they click on your page. But do not rely solely on Facebook for traffic. There are other social media platforms that you can also use.

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