Features of Facebook Business Page

using facebook for businessFacebook from its humble beginning in 2004 has grown into the most popular and widely used social media website. The website popularity attracted not just individuals but also businesses. Facebook business page was launched in 2007 to provide businesses, bands, brands, celebrities and artists a place to communicate with their followers.

The business pages of Facebook were borne out the attractiveness of Groups. When the website was launched the Facebook Groups were introduced. Many businesses utilize the Groups for their brand and since it’s against the Terms of Use to have so many followers Facebook created a new area called the business page.

Facebook Business Page also known as Fan Pages is an area for created for businesses or those with huge followers. If you have a business or you are an artist’s that wanted engage and communicate with your fans online you should create a Fan Page to separate your personal account. Business Page has features that could further help improve your engagement with your followers.

Facebook Business Page

Below are the business page features that you could use to communicate and engage your followers.

Landing Page

Landing pages provide businesses with free advertisement. This can use to share messages to consumers or Fans. The good thing about the landing page is the fact that businesses are allowed to design, develop and combine landing pages with the business page. Landing Page feature was launched sometime in 2011 to boost businesses engagement with their customers.

Like Button

Facebook “Like” button is another feature that could improve engagement. The button is created to give users an opportunity to stamp their approval on any content, websites, status updates, check-ins and businesses. With the “Like” button, companies wanting to promote their brand to a wider audience can easily achieve their goal.

By the way, Facebook has a social plugins that let website owners build their Facebook business page directly from their site. The social plugins are integrated within the Fan’s or Business Page. Anyone using the “Like” and “Send” plugins on your website automatically likes your Facebook Business Page.

Facebook Insights

This is a tool in Business Page that allows admin study their engagement with their followers or visitors. The analytics tool allows you to know the number of people talking about your content in the past week, including sharing, liking and commenting on your walls or status updates. This feature also let you know how many people received your post or messages in the past week.

With the recent improvements of the Facebook Business Page, there are features that were added. The improvements allow admin of Business Page to study their competitors and get the most out of their Page. However, the change also takes away free Facebook advertising that many small businesses have enjoyed for many years.

In fact, the revamp of the Business Page will test the skills of many marketers and would push some business to use Facebook sponsored ads. I will tackle the changes of Business Page on my next post so you can take still get the most out of your Facebook Business Page.

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