Marketing Facebook – What Your Business Should Share on Facebook

using facebook for businessMarketing on Facebook is the best way to communicate and engage your customers. There are several ways to connect with customers in Facebook and one of them is sharing stories. Who doesn’t love a good story? Everybody loves a good story and facebook is the perfect place to spin a good yarn.

Facebook is a social network, but it’s more than that for some people. The website is full of social creatures that love stories, whether they know it or not. In walls, one can read so many stories exchange every day. So, telling stories on Facebook is a good marketing strategy for businesses.

Marketing Facebook

Why Facebook is the best place to share stories and not Twitter, Myspace or other social media websites. For one, Facebook is not restricted to 140 characters that bound Twitter. There are millions of people accessing their account every day and majority of users not from the United States. So, if you are pushing a new brand, this social media website can help you.

Now that you know sharing stories on the best social media website is a good idea, you must choose your topic carefully. Choosing the topics to share is also important. When marketing Facebook there are some stories you should not tell to consumers. Likewise, there are stories you should tell to connect with your clients.

What Topics You Should Share on Facebook?

Below are some of the topics that you should tell on Facebook when marketing your products or services.

Your Life Story

Small business owner should tell their fans a little about themselves to build a relationship. There are so many things about yourself that you can share on Facebook without really crossing the boundaries. For example, you can tell your followers or fans about what you do when you are not busy with your business. You can also tell where you have been recently, great story to share if you have been out of town or country.

You can also tell about your future plans, interest and passions. Sharing information on Facebook is also a good idea so tell your fans what you have learned in life or whatever. By the way, when telling stories it is best if you have a photo that goes with the stories.

Company Story

Telling your fans about your company, what you do and why you love working on your business is also a good topic. You can share to them why you decided to start your company, what motivates you to work hard every day. It is also a good thing to share your accomplishments and failures to inspire people to pursue their dreams or objectives in life.

Some business also tells their fans what happen behind the scenes to keep them interested about your company even more.

Customer’s Stories

I have seen many businesses that share their customer’s experience with them. You can also do the same. These stories are great since it tells your fans that they are important to your business and their opinion matters. You can share your customer’s before and after experience with your services or products. It is also a fantastic to share how your business have helped them get better or whatever.

Vision and Mission

There are fans that love hearing stories about a business vision and mission. So, share what your vision for the next year but when you are sharing your vision for the future make sure you tell it correctly. It is crucial that you convince fans that your company is here to stay so supporting you has advantages.

These are just some of the examples of topics that business should share on Facebook. Marketing on Facebook is tough, with the new upgrade. But with sharing stories to your fans, you can keep them interested on what you have to offer. So, humanize your business and share stories like you are someone’s friend and not a company selling something.

Sharing stories do not be afraid to share your story, keep it real to connect with your fans. When you keep your story authentic, you have done a good marketing job on facebook.

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