My First Weekly Video Post (The Quick Start Challenge)

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This is my first time that i make a video online! But it’s not my first time on cam, long time ago, i have recorded a lot of videos when i was a kid you know at that age were we record videos and make funny things using handy cam. Will later on i participate on a T.V series when i’m at the age of 17 for the national TV. Each series is a separated episode, then also i did some TV commercial advertising and later after i worked in the airlines as a Flight attendant , so i left all that because of traveling around the world, 11 years later i left the airlines and started my online journey then internet marketing.

Hi, my name is Wael Kaheel and i would like to welcome you in my Blog. And would like to share with you this video

As i Finally decided to make a weekly video post in my blog, i will be talking about different things each week.

Will with that said , i want to Thank you so much for taking the time to watch my video. Until the next time take care

and see you soon .My First Video online pic

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