Social Media Marketing – How to Benefit From Social Media Sites

Social media networks have open a new place for businesses and consumers to interact. With the technology boom, many people are using the internet not just to browse for information, play games but also to interact with people all over the world. Social media websites have made the internet even more powerful tools since all it takes for a product to be popular without spending much is to promote it through different platforms.

Here I have compiled popular media sites to help you decide which platforms suited for your business or personal needs and improve your social media marketing.


Facebook is a popular platform for communication and the number #1 site at the moment. The platform offers users customization, profile updates, notifications and mobile access. The site is widely used for sharing opinions, communications and many things. It is a great site and anyone can create an account with facebook, fan page and pages for their business.

Facebook offers business’s brand exposure through their connections and the connections of their connections. It also offers advertising for business who promotes to their services or product offering to target audience. If you have a business you can benefit from facebook like and share features as your followers can share your latest promos or offerings.

Organizing an events or gatherings is also easier with the help of Facebook as you can send invites to friends, business associates or customers who also have a facebook account. The site is great for freelancers seeking contacts, organizers, entrepreneurs, advertisers and people who simply wish to connect with their friends and loved ones around the world.

2. Linkedln

Linkedln is a platform for professionals, employers and networkers. It is used mainly by people looking to advance their career, employers searching for qualified individuals to fill up vacancy and networkers seeking connections. If you wish to be identified as an expert, it is a must for you to have a Linkedln account. Fresh graduate preparing to start a career can use the platform to introduce their abilities and strength to attract recruiters and employers. Headhunters, job recruiters and professionals should sign up to get connected.

3. Twitter

Twitter is a microblogging platform that allows users to tweet or send messages, not more than 140 characters. The site offers spontaneous interactions, easy communication and brand awareness. Users can access the site through mobile and computers. Businesses with new products to promote can use twitter to tweet to the world and create brand awareness for free.

If you are looking for useful and practical way to promote your organization, event and latest promos twitter is a good platform to disseminate information online. Marketers, companies, news organization and advertisers should use twitter.

4. Digg

Digg is another social media sites that can be use to promote your services or products. The platform is great for sharing and discovering websites, content and more. Digg is not a communication platform, but it is a good site to sustain brand awareness. The platform can help drive traffic to websites, stay updated on news and promote press releases.
Bloggers, public relation personnel, marketers and online publishers should use Digg.

Social media marketing is a popular and effective method of promoting websites and business because of social media platforms mentioned above. There are still many social media sites worth checking out such as Pinterest, Google+ and other sites.

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