Tips to Boost Facebook Advertising

using facebook for businessAre you looking for ways to boost your Facebook advertising? Some small businesses that advertised on Facebook have yet to see the results of their advertisement. If you are one of the many people that wants to see the results you hoped for, know that you are in the right page. This article discusses the things you need to do to make your ad spending yield more sales, leads or fans.

So, you already have a facebook advertisement. Unfortunately, your facebook ads are not giving you the results you hoped for. Don’t worry, there are things you can do to improve your ads performance. In fact, all you need to do is just tweak a little your ad to increase your conversion rate.

Tips to Improve Your Facebook Advertising Performance

Take Advantage of News Feed

In the past year, the number of people accessing Facebook on tablets and phones has increased significantly. According to study, about 60 percent of users are logging on Facebook on mobile devices and tablets. So, if you are an advertiser, you need to take advantage of news feed. You cannot afford not to tap this market if you want to boost your performance.

What should you do? What else but to shift some of your ads to mobile ads. How to get your ads into the News feed particularly in Page post ads, sponsored stories and Page Like Ads just use the so called Power Editor. By the way, the Power Editor is a bit more complex to use than the ads dashboard you are presently using.

But, I’m sure it will not be a problem because there are lots of resources that you can use to help you learn everything you need to know.

Create Facebook Offers

Do you want to increase your leads? Create Facebook offers for both fans and non-fans to build your leads. Facebook offers are great for lead generation because most people would grab a free offer without a second thought. You can build a list of potential customers when you start offering freebies in exchange for email addresses of people using Facebook.

It is easy to create offers for social media website. Start with setting up a landing page for your freebies that require a name and email. The landing page that links to your giveaways should have an enticing thumbnail. The landing page should be turned into a Promoted Post and you can do this by posting directly to your Page wall or your target.

Sell to Custom Audiences

If the primary goal of your ad is to sell more your products or services, you need to target people who are already your leads. So, start with your email list, you can easily do this by synching your Facebook marketing with your email contacts. All you got to do is upload your email list to your Facebook and set up an ad. Once you have an ad, send it to your custom audience or people in your email list. You can increase your sales when you also include your Offers.

Build Your Fan Base

It is crucial to have a solid fan base before you activated your Facebook advertising. The conversion rate is going to be higher when you start right. So, work hard on your fan base first so you have a large audience when you start Facebook ads. Take note, the real secret to better ad spending is a thriving community and engagement on Facebook.

These are just some of the tweaks that could help you boost your Facebook advertising performance.


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