Types of Internet Marketing

Internet marketing is a marketing and advertising effort of website owners and businesses. They use the email, the web and social networking sites to direct traffic to their website as well as brings attention to their products and services. In this page, the types of internet marketing that you can undertake to get more traffic and increase your sales are highlighted. Internet marketing can be used in combination with the traditional method of advertising like newspapers, television, magazines and radio for your brick and mortar business.

Content marketing, search engine marketing, email marketing and social media marketing are the popular internet marketing that you can do for your business or website.

Types of Internet Marketing

Below are types of internet marketing that could help your website and business.

Content Marketing

This is a type of marketing wherein you promote your site through informative content posted on your website, article directories and other places on the internet where you can post content. Content marketing is broad, if you are only familiar with article marketing know that content is not just about text posts on blogs but more. For those who are not familiar with content marketing, it includes powerpoint presentations, video, photos, webinars, podcast and more.

The best content marketing provides information and not content that focuses on their products or services. When you create an informative and helpful content you can generate awareness for your products, services or website without being too obvious on your real purpose.

That’s why, original and informative content is important to make your content marketing successful.

Social Media Marketing

What is social media marketing? According to Wikipedia, “social media marketing refers to the process of gaining site traffic or attention through social media sites” such as Facebook, Linkedln, Google+, Twitter and other platforms. Social media marketing can help increase product awareness and make your services well known.

Social media sites also allow businesses to interact with their customers directly, which brings positivity for brick and mortar businesses. Website owners who rely on adsense and other for income can also benefit from social media marketing for increase traffic as they can engage their audience and followers through posting informative content.

Search Engine Marketing

When it comes to search engine marketing you have two choices, SEO and Pay Per Click. Many businesses use Google Adwords to promote their website, the sponsored ads you often see at the top of the search engine result page are PPC. Advertisers bid on Google Adwords for keywords and pay Goggle for every click on their ads.

The rest of the search results are purely organic results, the sites ranked without paying for advertisement. And SEO marketing plays a big role when your site ranks in your chosen keywords. By the way, if Goggle perceives your content to be relevant and unique, you can get to the first page of the search results page without paying for advertisements but you need to have good SEO techniques.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is the oldest internet marketing. It’s widely used for a long time simply because it works. Email marketing when done right can definitely increase your sales and traffic. What are the types of email marketing you can do for your business or website? Newsletter, coupons, and product offers are the types of marketing that can help you succeed.

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